Netzwerk Frankfurt für gemeinschaftliches Wohnen e.V.

Was macht der Verein Netzwerk Frankfurt für gemeinschaftliches Wohnen e.V.?

About us

Netzwerk Frankfurt für gemeinschaftliches Wohnen e.V. is a non-profit association involved in housing policy. Our goal is the implementation of innovative and community-oriented forms of living, such as Cohousing, cooperative housing and collaborative living.

Through educational and networking activities in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region we offer extensive expertise and see ourselves as a competence centre.

We are the platform for community-based housing initiatives and projects in Frankfurt. Our association was founded in 2005 and is financially supported by the City of Frankfurt since 2009. It consists of over 100 member groups from Frankfurt and the region as well as around 80 individual members.

What is Cohousing?

By Cohousing we mean a chosen neighbourhood that is self-organized and socially-orientated. The members know each other, well ahead of moving in and design a concept of living together with guiding principles. Eventually they build, rent or purchase a building and secure the community through legal framework and contracts. Cooperatives preserve common goals best in the long run.

Cohousing goes hand in hand with innovative floor plans and architecture that support sustainable living. For example, residents require less space and share infrastructure.

Collaborative living in general is therefore an answer to the social and demographic challenges and thus an enrichment for the city.

Do you want to actively change your living situation? Then you are in the right place! 
Start an initiative or find a community where people feel responsible for each other.

What do we want to achieve?

We see Cohousing as an opportunity to help shape our housing for the future. We want to

  • encourage people to establish self-organized housing projects
  • enable new forms of living for a self-determined life in old ageprom
  • ote intergenerational living
  • develop the housing market and the political framework in a way that is geared to public welfare and needs
  • set new standards for social, ecological and democratic housing development

As a coordination and consulting centre

  • we organize regular information events on the topic of Cohousing and collect and share knowledge
  • we facilitate networking and exchange of experience between housing initiatives and projects as well as with experts and institutions
  • we advocate for improved framework conditions for housing projects in housing policy
  • we advise and accompany member projects in the process of implementation
  • we cooperate with administration, politics, housing associations, housing cooperatives, foundations to develop together our topic
  • further we accompany concept procedures for cooperative housing

Contact us!

So far, our websites, newsletters and monthly events are in German. However, if your initiative needs support, we are happy to help you in English as well. Feel free to contact us.

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