Network Frankfurt for Cohousing

Unconventional and innovative forms of living are emerging. More and more people are giving thought to new aspects: neighborhood, community, as a response to the transformations in society.

We understand cohousing as a chosen neighborhood that is self-organized and community-orientated. The members know each other, well ahead of moving in and design a concept of living together, including the basic framework and guiding principles. Eventually they build, rent or purchase a building and secure the community through legal framework and contracts.

Cohousing is often resulting in innovative floorplans and architecture but as a sustainable way of living, due to occupying less space and sharing infrastructure.

Network Frankfurt for cohousing is a platform for cohousing in Frankfurt/Main. The association was founded in 2005 and is sponsored and financially supported by the City of Frankfurt. Currently there are five employees. Lead by Birgit Kasper (City planner), co-lead by Mario Como and Sara Schmitt Pacífico and two staff members, Afra Höck and Robin Mohr. The committee consists of five volunteers Imke Meyer, Ludwig Weiler, Ute Sonntag, Barbara Jakob and Noira Bellouch.

The goals of the association are:

+ consultation and coordination of citizens regarding the topic
+ support of initiatives and finalized cohousing projects
+ strategic development of the political framework regarding cohousing

As of December 2019 ninety initiatives and finalized cohousing are members of the association. Each one has between five and hundred members.

45 initiatives                  15 projects under construction                 30 realized cohousing

As of now, all of our monthly talks, website and newsletters are in German. However, if your initiative would like to have some guidance, we are happy to help you in English as well. Feel free to contact us.

Cohousing and urban commons? In this interview Dipl.-Ing. Birgit Kasper gives an overview of the work of the non-profit organisation Network Frankfurt for cohousing. The interview was conducted by Farid Farhat, a student form Frankfurt University of Applied Science, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics. In this conversation Birgit Kasper explains how cohousing projects are structured and what problems these projects face.